Decontamination of Land

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Decontamination of Land

There are several sites across the UK that are contaminated with asbestos debris due to activities such as demolition, construction, fly tipping or incorrect disposal of asbestos material such as asbestos rope, asbestos insulation board, etc.

We provide Land Remediation service to remove the asbestos debris from the surface and beneath the ground. Our technical and trained team will identify the asbestos contaminated land, assess the risks and develop a remediation strategy for sites that could potentially be contaminated with asbestos.

The remediation technique may include excavation, hand picking, screening, soil washing of the contaminated soil, etc. We aim to ensure the sites are cleaned to a high standard with minimal environmental impact.

Only asbestos trained and experienced personnel will be present on site. They will be supported by Professional Asbestos Consultants to manage the works. All asbestos waste will be disposed of in compliance with the legislative requirements.

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